Long Course; Meister Level

Long Course; Meister Level

If you desire to be a professional shoemaker or a world-class shoe artist, we recommend you progressing from the Basic Level to the Meister Level. You will learn more difficult modeling as an assignment, and also we will instruct you how to make wooden Lasts of Bespoke shoes. After completion of the Meister Course, you will access various supports to working or becoming independent, such as, giving introductory workshops from home and abroad, etc.

Class time;
Monday to Sunday, 10am – 4pm *The classroom is open until 6pm
Completion of the Basic Level
Tuition fee;
¥6,800(tax included)per class
Material cost;
ASK (You can purchase materials at our shop.) 
ASK (At least two pair of lasts are needed to finish this course.) 
Tools, Instruments;
Please use yours

*The number of classes will depend on each student’s ability and progress.

1.Full Brogued Wing Tip Shoes (minimum of 20 classes or more)

 You will engage in the designing of Medallion and Perforations that is Brougue; Bottoming will be made with a Beveled Waist requiring high skill. 

2.Elastic Shoes (minimum of 20 classes or more)

You will learn how to make “Elastic shoes” with instep rubble-upper that requires abstruse skills such as pattern design and sewing.

3.Onepiece Shoes (minimum of 20 classes or more)

You will learn how to make ‘Onepiece shoes’ in which upper part is composed of one piece of leather, requiring high lasting techniques. Bottoming will be made with Wooden Nails, very common in Bespoke shoes in Eastern Europe.

4.U-tip Monk Strap Shoes (minimum of 24 classes or more)

You will make the upper part with shadow hand-stitching and you will learn ‘Monk Strap Shoes’ that have belt and buckle on upper leather. Bottoming will be made with Norwegian Welted.

5.Bespoke Shoes (minimum of 30 classes or more)

You will learn to make your own Bespoke shoes by mastering the basic processes of the following sequence: Lasting design, Lasting cut, Fitting, Lasting adjustment.

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