THE SHOEMAKER’S CLASS is a shoemaking class organized by MISAWA SHOE DESIGN, INC. in Tokyo. Proven shoemakers will instruct you in the traditional manufacturing process of shoemaking, carefully from scratch. By following a personalized schedule, you can arrange your preferred class day. There is no limit, so you can take as many classes as you’d like each month. There are various styles of taking classes, such taking classes once or twice a month for hobby, or taking five classes a week to become a professional shoemaker. In THE SHOEMAKER’S CLASS, there are all kinds of students, men and women, a wide range group with different purposes, such as: “I would like to try,” or ” I would like to make shoemaking my lifework,” and “I would like to be a professional shoemaker.” For instance, we are often asked by female students if it is possible for a woman to attend the class and make shoes. The answer is: “Of course! No problem.” Shoemaking is more about grasping the techniques rather than using strength. In THE SHOEMAKER'S CLASS, we drew up a curriculum that allows many students to be able learn the process of shoemaking, including as many techniques as possible in an efficient and enjoyable way. Besides mastering the knowledge of shoes in the shoemaking class, you can also acquire the knowledge of leather. Also, you can learn the most difficult process - last making, at your own pace.