Long Course; Basic Level

Long Course; Basic Level

This course’s aim is to learn typical shoes’ models as the main assignment after learning basics; how to use tools, how to sharpen knives and how to use the sewing machine, etc. After accomplishing the Basic Level, you will be able to make shoes competently by yourself. This course is popular for people who strive to be a professional shoemaker, and also for people learning shoemaking as a hobby.

Class time;
Monday to Sunday, 10am – 4pm *The classroom is open until 6pm
Passing an interview or completion of the Short Course
Admission fee;
¥22,000 (tax included) 
Tuition fee;
¥6,800(tax included)per class
Material cost;
ASK (You can purchase materials at our shop.) 
ASK (At least two pair of lasts are needed to finish this course.) 
Tools, Instruments;
Students can rent all tools. Every kind of tool is also available at our shop.

*The number of classes will depend on each student’s ability and progress.

Option; Basic Training (minimum of 2 classes or more)

You can learn thoroughly about how to use the sewing machine, sharpen the knife, etc.

Option; Tool making (minimum of 2 classes or more)

After purchasing the raw tools/instruments from our shop, we will instruct you on how to process them in this class, so you can learn and practice. Please notice that it is not possible to use the raw tools directly for shoemaking.

1.Oxford Shoes (minimum of 18 classes or more)

You can learn how to make Oxford Shoes (Balmoral), which is the most representative and basic model of shoes.

2.Derby Shoes (minimum of 18 classes or more)

You can learn how to make Derby Shoes (Blusher), which is the basic model of casual shoes.

3.High Heels Pumps (minimum of 12 classes or more)

You will learn the process of high-heeled shoes based on the Mckay process that is often used in luxury women’s shoe brands according to Italy’s leading brand manufacturers.

4.Loafer (minimum of 18 classes or more)

You will learn from Loafer’s specific pattern making and upper part of moccasin is made by hand-stitching. 

5.Boots and Modification of Last (minimum of 20 classes or more)

You will learn how to adjust the last corresponding to a semi-custom-ordered that have high demand in the market. Using the adjusted last, you will engage in the making of difficult boots, applying technique knowledge you have learned. You can choose any one from Oxford Boots, Derby Boots and Chukka Boots.

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