• 2013
  • 2016
    Supervising “Making men’s shoes,” a book, published by STUDIO TAC CREATIVE
    Student’s exhibition at Gallery White Space, in Omotesando, Tokyo
  • 2017
    It was featured in the Yomiuri newspaper on 17thSeptember 2017.
  • 2018
    Misawa will offer special classes at TaF.tc, which is the highly respected fashion school in Singapore.


三澤則行 Noriyuki MISAWA


略歴:日本、ヨーロッパで靴作りを学んだ後、革工芸の世界に入り、芸術・工芸を学ぶ。近年はアートとしての靴の価値を追求し、2017年にはカンヌで映画祭と連動し作品を世界に向けて発表した他、現代アートの中心地ニューヨークのチェルシーで個展を開催。また、靴作りの本「紳士靴を仕立てる」(STUDIO TAC CREATIVE 刊)を監修。


Specialty: design, last making, pattern making, closing, bottoming
Assigned course: all courses, textbook preparation, curriculum management

Biography:After acquiring shoemaking skills in Japan and Europe, he entered the world of leather craft to learn leather art and craft. In recent years, he is seeking the value of shoes in art field. In 2017, aside from he presented his artworks to the world in Cannes, France, during the Cannes Film Festival, he held a solo exhibition at Chelsea in New York City, the center of contemporary art.He supervised a book for authentic shoemaking “Making men’s shoes” published by STUDIO TAC CREATIVE.

Teacher’s comment:Traditional process of shoemaking is very difficult and needs effort and time to acquire. However, I believe learning shoemaking is a shortcut to make your innovative design come true. Let’s create new shoes through discovering the tradition.

  • 今 友貴絵 Yukie Kon


    略歴:2006年、東京・浅草に通い靴作りを学び始める。2009年、オーストリアのウィーンへ渡り、靴メーカーにて研修。帰国後、2011年からMISAWA&WORKSHOPのメンバーとして勤め始める。2014年、イタリア、ミラノの名門靴学校 ARS SUTORIA に短期留学し、世界トップブランドの靴作りを学ぶ。


    Specialty: design, pattern making, closing, general leather
    Assigned course: all courses, leather knowledge, foot knowledge

    Biography: 2006 studied in school for shoemaking in Asakusa, Tokyo. 2009 moved to Vienna, Austria and was trained by a shoe manufacturer. 2014 studied at ARSTORIA SCHOOL, a distinguished shoemaking school in Milan, Italy, to learn from world leading brands.

    Teacher’s comment:I have learned shoemaking from traditional way to front-line mass production in Japan and abroad. I would like to support you in learning shoemaking with my experiences.

  • 河北 麻衣子 Maiko Kawakita


    略歴:音大卒後、森美術館などでの勤務経験を経て、靴作りの世界へ。大阪の西成製靴塾で関西の靴作りの歴史を作った86歳の靴職人 花田和夫氏から学ぶ。

    講師コメント:「自分がどうして靴作りをはじめたのか。明確な理由はありませんでした。 なんとなく靴が好きで、もの作りが好きだから。そんな軽い気持ちで始めましたが、どんどんのめり込んで今に至ります。CLASSのカリキュラムを軸に、花田さんから教わった貴重な技術、知識を生徒の皆さんに伝えていきたいです。」

    Specialty: design, pattern making, sewing, all aspects of operating shoemaker’s class
    Assigned course: all courses

    Biography: graduated from university of music, experienced to work at MORI ART MUSEUM in Tokyo and set foot in the shoemaking world. She learned shoemaking from Mr.Kazuo Hanada, who is an 86 year-old crafts person, laid the base of shoemaking in Kansai region, at Nishinari Seika Jyuku in Osaka.

    Teacher’s comment: Why I started shoemaking? I didn’t have clear reason. For some reason, I like shoes and I like making something. I started shoemaking with a light heart, but I have been getting fascinated rapidly. Now I am here. I would like to transfer the skills and knowledge I received from Mr. Hanada to the students, basing them on the curriculums of our shoemaking class.

  • 杉本直樹 Naoki Sugimoto


    略歴:2013年、THE SHOEMAKER'S CLASSで靴作りを学び始める。その後、その高い技術力から講師として参加する。


    Specialty: bottoming
    Assigned course: all courses(bottoming), Tools and instruments processing

    Biography:In 2013, he started learning shoemaking at THE SHOEMAKER’S CLASS, after that he became an instructor with great skills.

    Teacher’s comment:I instruct students who want to make shoes by themselves and want to be a professional shoemaker. Precisely, to follow each student’s pace; I would like you to know the pleasure and depth of shoemaking.


In special class, we invite skillful workers as instructor to lead you from a different angle from regular courses.

  • 森下 清志 Kiyoshi Moriahita

    神戸の木型メーカーにて40年の勤務経験を持つスペシャリスト。 あらゆる木型作りを経験し、伝統の製作法に加え数々の独自のノウハウを開発。森下氏担当のコースは年に複数回開講。

    Assignment course: MORISHITA style last making
    He is a specialist who has experienced working at a last making manufacturer in Kobe for 40 years. He has experienced all kinds of last making and developed unique methods of manufacturing based on traditional process. His classes will be held several times in a year.